I love the look of tutus on little girls, but decided I wanted something a little more earth friendly. The result was rag tutus made with cotton fabrics. My original design features a cotton twill tape drawstring. My most recent tutus for infants and toddlers now have elastic waistbands with a snap closure. I found the drawstring to be a bit of a challenge to secure on wiggly little bodies, although once secured, the twill tape did a fantastic job at staying tied. The new waistbands are much easier to work with and I think will be more comfy to wear. Both styles are available in my Etsy store at EyreCreations.Etsy.com.  All of my clothes for kids are made with cotton fabrics, most are 100% cotton, although a very few are cotton blends. I use vintage fabrics whenever available as well as vintage trims such as the lace in the tutus and buttons on the little girl dresses.

The tutus are super cute over leggings or skinny jeans and would be perfect paired with fairy wings for Renaissance or Fantasy Faire. These could be used  for dance as well as the waistband is quite secure.

 Available dresses and tutus can be found on my Etsy.com store. Click the"Go To Store" link below to visit EyreCreations.Etsy.com